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YJ CERAPEUTICS aims to contribute to improving the quality of life for patients with intractable neurological diseases and their families, and develop smart neural stem cell therapy to secure international competitiveness in the field of regenerative medicine in the 21st century.

The global stem cell market is growing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 19.6% and the domestic stem cell market at 9.1%. In particular, the neurological disease market has expanded due to the rapid increase in the elderly population. ​ 

YJ CERAPEUTICS aims to advance into the global cell therapy market by developing a fundamental treatment for nerve regeneration for intractable diseases for which there is no appropriate treatment, such as traumatic spinal cord injury and rare central nervous system diseases such as ALS and multiple sclerosis. 

YJ CERAPEUTICS aims to develop smart neural stem cells with direct trans differentiation technology using small molecule compound to commercialize cell therapy products that show excellent therapeutic efficacy in chronic spinal cord injury, ALS, and multiple sclerosis. We’ll do our best. 

Tae Young Yune / CEO


We contribute to a healthy and happy future for humanity through innovative research and development.


We will be reborn as a world-class company by developing next-generation stem cell therapy technology.


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