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The Wix Blog offers 8 handpicked layout designs. The most popular post card type

Choose a layout according to your preferences and needs, from layouts to stylish magazine-style layouts.

Also choose a blog feed layout that fits your style in your blog settings. For example, a tile layout is a layout that makes it easy for visitors to find posts based on their interests. A one-column layout is nice, allowing visitors to scroll through each post one by one. If you choose the full post layout, you can keep scrolling down the page until you see the full post.

All layouts include the latest social media features. Therefore, blog readers can easily share posts through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and check the status of likes and comments.

블로그 팁

레이아웃을 섞어서 사용해보세요. 블로그 메인 페이지와 카테고리 페이지에 다른 레이아웃을사용하면 신선한 느낌을 줄 수 있습니다. 레이아웃은 게시물 게시 후에도 언제든지 변경이 가능합니다.

편집 방법

  1. 블로그 설정 > 레이아웃 탭으로 이동합니다.

  2. 메인 및 카테고리 페이지 레이아웃을 확인합니다.

  3. 원하는 레이아웃을 선택합니다.

Use the Wix Blog to build an online community to share your blogging activities. Blog readers can join as blog members to share thoughts and ideas, and to follow other members.

View all members

Blog readers go through an easy signup process.

You can become a blog member. After signing up, a member profile page will be created where you can follow other members, and check the status of likes and comments. In addition, you will be automatically notified when a post or comment from a member you follow is added.

You can view all blog members by clicking the member icon on the login button.

blog tips

To search for a specific member, use the member search bar and sort options.


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